Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Last Week of Michaelmas Term

Well as I was sitting at Jojo and Maura's house waiting for my laundry to finish (which should be in 2 hours and I began at 1... Thanks Britain) I realized I should write a blog post before going off next week. But first here is some exciting news about what happened to me yesterday! I met Lucy Wooding, a historian here at Oxford who wrote a very well-received biography on Henry VIII. I read it and wrote a critical paper on the book. She presented a psychological perspective on Henry's life and it was very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Therefore, it was very exciting for me to meet her for coffee. We discussed her interests and my interests and she gave me a few pointers. It was really great.

This is indeed the last week of the Michaelmas Term and it is truly hard to believe that the end of the first term is finally here. I am just so ready for Christmas and to go home. However, before that can happen I must finish an essay on Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, which is due Friday. Speaking of... I really should start reading...

But first, I will tell you all about my Italy plans. I am going to Italy with my two friends, Maura and Melody. We are leaving this Sunday (the 6th) at 1am. Yep you heard me right. 1 o'clock in the morning! It is going to be awful. We will be catching the bus to get to Stansted airport and then get on a 6:10 flight to ROme! We should get in about 9:45 and then go to the hostel to drop off some of our stuff. We are staying in Rome for three days and leaving on the 9th to go to Florence for the night. After seeing many sights and museums we will travel to Venice on the 10th to stay 2 days. On Saturday we will leave for London on a 4:00(pm) flight to Gatwick. Then I will promptly get on a bus to Oxford where I will get my big bag and stay the night at my flat.

I leave for the USA on the 13th. My flight leaves at 10am, meaning I am going to have to catch a 5am bus. Hooray.... I fly from Heathrow to Chicago and then have to endure a 7 hour layover if I can't manage to get on an earlier flight. I should arrive in Wichita about 9:45pm (your time). That is obviously going to be one exhausting day.

However, I must be off to read! Details of my Italy trip will be revealed either in the Chicago airport or once I get home!