Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ok, well it isn't actually beginning to look a lot like Christmas... In fact, it basically looks the same as it did a month ago. It's just rainy rainy rainy. Although, Christmas decorations are going up in the streets so that is very fun! I love love love Christmas. I have already begun listening to Christmas music. I suppose it is because I am so ready to go home and see my family. I miss home so so much. I miss squeezing my cats and holding them in my arms just to annoy them. I miss eating food that was already prepared for me without having to pay for it. I miss driving. I miss Target. I miss vegging out and watching the news or other shows. I guess I just miss America, which is an odd concept for me.

Last night I went with Kyle and Jojo to an event called "A Christmas Cracker" at the Oxford Union, which was a lot of fun. We drank mulled wine, ate mince pies which are a fabulous macédoine of sweet fruits, and decorated the Christmas tree! Oh it was so lovely. It definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. Oh additionally, yesterday I went Christmas shopping! I won't tell you what I bought because it would ruin the surprise, but the gifts are REALLY great! I love Christmas!
Oh also, last week I saw and met Diane von Furstenberg! If you don't know who she is, then by golly wikipedia her! She told us about her life and how she was persistent in obtaining clients. She wore a short dress with black hose and her face looked worn from time and the sun. Her lightened chestnut hair bushed out from her face in a frizzy mess, which overwhelmed her face and matched her skin. She was an interesting speaker and I got a picture with her! I will post it once Bernice puts it up on facebook.

This week is 7th week and I only have 3 more papers to write before I leave. It is crazy to imagine that this term is almost already over. We are sort of celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday at Jojo's house, so that will be nice. I'm just looking forward to homecooking with American foods at home!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Week 6 of the Michaelmas Term:

Alright! So I've heard that everyone from the Agape Sunday School class is reading this and curious about boy updates, so here goes: Well, yes, Dave is out of the picture. I realized he was not the one for me and felt friendship was more prudent. Therefore, I moved on and now am sort of dating this guy named Omar. He goes to the same college here at Oxford with my friend Melody. He is very nice so we'll see how it goes. I'm just looking for people to hang out with so I try to keep it low key.

Now, moving on! What has happened this past week? Hm... We went and saw Twelfth Night performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was really great and fun so I am glad we went. I was pretty busy last week because I had 2 papers to write. I wrote on the Gospel of Luke and Edward VI, son of Henry VIII.

I also went to this event at the Oxford Union, a WOmen in Debating meeting where there was complimentary wine, cheese, and champagne. It was really lovely. I met some really nice girls and got to have some delicious cheese and champagne. That was on Thursday night.

Friday, the Cambridge kids came to Oxford and we all just hung out together! It was really great seeing them. We went on a pub crawl (don't worry I didn't get intoxicated) with some Brits. Saturday, Claire and Ally came to hang out with me and we all went out to the Purple Turtle. It was so great to see everyone. Truly refreshing.

I am excited for the next two terms because of the new kids coming. Apparently some girls are going to be placed in my house, hopefully ending my struggle to keep the house tidy.  Also, I'm excited because in less than 3 weeks I will be in Italy! My friends, Maura, Melody, and I are going to traipse through Italy, stopping at Rome, then moving on to Florence, and finally Venice. We will be following the Rick Steve's guide and spend a total of 6 days there! It will be glorious.

This week I only have one paper to write, so that makes it a much easier week. I may go visit the Ashmolean Museum, which would be very fun. Also, Friday is Corey's birthday and we are going to go out for that. A fun and easy week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The More You Know, the More You Know How Little You Know

I realized that it has been a while since I have written, so here goes for you devoted fans. Last week my mother came and it was so so so great. Here's a rundown of how the week went:

Friday (10/30) - I wake up excited that morning anticipating my mother's arrival to only find an email from her that reports the delay of her flight. Actually, her flight was cancelled and then rescheduled. You see, she was supposed to get in around 10 that night so I was all set to go get her after going to Formal Hall Dinner with Melody. Unfortunately, her flight was delayed until 6:30 saturday morning. I was completely put out. This meant I would have to wake up at 4:45am so I could catch a bus to meet her at Heathrow. However, I knew it would be worth it, of course.

Saturday (10/31) - I wake up at 4:45am after twisting and turning that night due to excitement and me continually pondering which weapon would be most effective against an assailant at 5am in Oxford. I leave the house by 5 and begin to walk to Gloucester Green (the bus stop). I expected to see very few people out at that time, assuming that all of the drunks and creeps would be in bed. However, I was surprised by seeing a group of people coming out of the Purple Turtle Club and another group trying to get a taxi. I ride the bus and arrive at Heathrow at 6:30am. One funny aspect of my ride was that the bus had wireless internet so I talked to my dad on skype as I rode. I find my way to terminal 3 and find a spot to wait, while keeping an eye on the flight arrivals information. I notice that by 7am the board still hasn't reported my mother's plane's arrival. I began to worry and finally went up to the information counter. After a highly confusing talk with a quick-speaking British man, I discovered that my mother's flight had been diverted to Shannon, Ireland and estimated to arrive in London around 8:20am. Of course this happens. Got to love air travel. In short, my mother's plane finally arrived by 8:50 and I met her around 9:30. It was so nice to hug her and see her again. A mother's hug is so healing. We travel back to Oxford, clean up at my house, and then I take her on a brief tour of Oxford. Exhausted by 4:30, we go to The Four Candles Pub and eat dinner and go home. My mom falls asleep by 7pm and I go out for Halloween. I dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business. No Brits seemed to understand it.

Sunday (11/1) - This day is a bit of a blur to me. I remember that my mother got sick that morning but thankfully she began to feel better by the afternoon. Also I recall that we went on a walk around my neighborhood. All other aspects about that day seem hazy, so you must forgive me.

Monday (11/2) - This was our mass shopping day in Oxford. We went to the Warner's house to hear a lecture on "An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestly, which was the play we were going to see on Thursday. Then we shopped our little hearts out. We really didn't buy anything, I just showed her all of my favorite shops. My mom told me that she realizes she shouldn't buy clothes for me. Instead she should buy me food because she thinks I'm starving here. That night we went to Jamie's Italian Restaurant and had pasta. It was delicious, but we got small portions. We decided to treat ourselves on the way home with "Cheesy Chips" or french fries covered in cheese from a kebab stand. Delicious.

Tuesday (11/3) - This was my day to write an essay so that took up most of my time. It rained some of the day so my mom didn't go out much. She visited the Modern Art Museum and walked around Christ Church Meadows. I think this was also the day that we got tea at a cute little restaurant. Then we went out to Jamie's again and got steaks. Again it was delicious.

Wednesday (11/4) - THis was the eventful day. we got up at 7:30 to get on a bus to London. After many delays, we arrived by 11 and promptly went to the Tate Modern art museum. It was interesting, I suppose, but not my type of art. After there we went to the Tate Britain and viewed some more art, which was a bit more interesting. After a snack we went on to the Covent Garden area and shopped at H&M. It was completely divine. I love H&M. We used the rest of our time before the theatre to go to the National Portrait Gallery (which was amazing) and ate dinner at a italian restaurant. As a treat we stopped at this cupcake cafe and got a cupcake, coffee, and hot chocolate. As we sat outside letting time pass and enjoying our time together, I noticed a man I recognized. It was Alan Rickman!!!! I couldn't believe it. I just stared. It was amazing. We saw "An Inspector Calls" and really enjoyed it. After a long day, we finally arrived home to the comfort of our beds.

Thursday (11/5) - I worked on my essay for a bit and then we went to the Natural History Museum, then enjoyed a good cup of tea in Marks and Spencer (a grocery store). Realizing we were worn out from the day before, we went home and relaxed until going to Curry Thursdays at The Crown and the Oxford Union debate on Conceptual Art. A thoroughly lovely day.

Friday (11/5) - We woke up early so my mom would make it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I sent her off on the 8am bus with much sadness in my heart. Thankfully neither of us cried, which made the parting easier.

That weekend I went to Cambridge and visited my friends there. I had a lovely time. We just hung out on Friday and went punting (like riding in gondolas sort of). It was great fun. I needed to see my friends and was rejuvenated after visiting them.

I'm getting tired now. It is 1:20am. I will explain my title though. I've recently come to the realization that I wish I knew more than I know. But then it feels like the more you know, the more you know how little you know. But, I have determined that these next few years I am going to spend my time learning by traveling, seeing sights, and in classes. However, when my life is more settled and I am not forced to read all the time, I want to read to widen my base of knowledge. Sounds good, right?

I will try writing again soon. This weekend the Cambridge kids are coming to visit so I am very excited. Something fun to look forward to!