Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ok, well it isn't actually beginning to look a lot like Christmas... In fact, it basically looks the same as it did a month ago. It's just rainy rainy rainy. Although, Christmas decorations are going up in the streets so that is very fun! I love love love Christmas. I have already begun listening to Christmas music. I suppose it is because I am so ready to go home and see my family. I miss home so so much. I miss squeezing my cats and holding them in my arms just to annoy them. I miss eating food that was already prepared for me without having to pay for it. I miss driving. I miss Target. I miss vegging out and watching the news or other shows. I guess I just miss America, which is an odd concept for me.

Last night I went with Kyle and Jojo to an event called "A Christmas Cracker" at the Oxford Union, which was a lot of fun. We drank mulled wine, ate mince pies which are a fabulous macédoine of sweet fruits, and decorated the Christmas tree! Oh it was so lovely. It definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. Oh additionally, yesterday I went Christmas shopping! I won't tell you what I bought because it would ruin the surprise, but the gifts are REALLY great! I love Christmas!
Oh also, last week I saw and met Diane von Furstenberg! If you don't know who she is, then by golly wikipedia her! She told us about her life and how she was persistent in obtaining clients. She wore a short dress with black hose and her face looked worn from time and the sun. Her lightened chestnut hair bushed out from her face in a frizzy mess, which overwhelmed her face and matched her skin. She was an interesting speaker and I got a picture with her! I will post it once Bernice puts it up on facebook.

This week is 7th week and I only have 3 more papers to write before I leave. It is crazy to imagine that this term is almost already over. We are sort of celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday at Jojo's house, so that will be nice. I'm just looking forward to homecooking with American foods at home!!

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