Monday, November 16, 2009


Week 6 of the Michaelmas Term:

Alright! So I've heard that everyone from the Agape Sunday School class is reading this and curious about boy updates, so here goes: Well, yes, Dave is out of the picture. I realized he was not the one for me and felt friendship was more prudent. Therefore, I moved on and now am sort of dating this guy named Omar. He goes to the same college here at Oxford with my friend Melody. He is very nice so we'll see how it goes. I'm just looking for people to hang out with so I try to keep it low key.

Now, moving on! What has happened this past week? Hm... We went and saw Twelfth Night performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was really great and fun so I am glad we went. I was pretty busy last week because I had 2 papers to write. I wrote on the Gospel of Luke and Edward VI, son of Henry VIII.

I also went to this event at the Oxford Union, a WOmen in Debating meeting where there was complimentary wine, cheese, and champagne. It was really lovely. I met some really nice girls and got to have some delicious cheese and champagne. That was on Thursday night.

Friday, the Cambridge kids came to Oxford and we all just hung out together! It was really great seeing them. We went on a pub crawl (don't worry I didn't get intoxicated) with some Brits. Saturday, Claire and Ally came to hang out with me and we all went out to the Purple Turtle. It was so great to see everyone. Truly refreshing.

I am excited for the next two terms because of the new kids coming. Apparently some girls are going to be placed in my house, hopefully ending my struggle to keep the house tidy.  Also, I'm excited because in less than 3 weeks I will be in Italy! My friends, Maura, Melody, and I are going to traipse through Italy, stopping at Rome, then moving on to Florence, and finally Venice. We will be following the Rick Steve's guide and spend a total of 6 days there! It will be glorious.

This week I only have one paper to write, so that makes it a much easier week. I may go visit the Ashmolean Museum, which would be very fun. Also, Friday is Corey's birthday and we are going to go out for that. A fun and easy week!

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