Monday, August 31, 2009

My Very First Post!

Alright! This is my first post of my blog and I'm super excited that I finally have it set up. To be quite frank, I'm probably going to suck as a blogger. I never was very good at keeping journals. I just bought them because they were pretty. At this moment I don't have much to talk about... besides my crazy fun week at Jewell with my friends and sisters and the anticipation I feel for going overseas.

I was really excited to find out what house I am living in! I'm living in Oxford with Kyle Reinert and 3 other students. Apparently Kyle wants us to get a house cat, but I'm not sure how well that is really going to work out. Haha. I can't say I'm particularly nervous to go overseas. It will be a whole bunch of fun. I just know it will be hard though emotionally. In fact, it already is.

Today/Yesterday (not sure which since it technically is now Monday) I left all of my Jewell friends after spending nearly a week hanging out with them. That was very difficult because it is so hard to imagine that I won't most of them until next summer! It is completely crazy. Additionally, I have become closer to my parents this summer, so it will be hard leaving them. I just need to remember that really I'm going to see them about as often as I would if I was at Jewell.

Anyways, I must go to sleep. But I will leave you with a list of my history tutorials for this trimester.

  • The New Testament
  • The Tudors

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