Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just for you! (Emma)

Alright, time for my next post! I am absolutely having a blast here still. Although, as I told my parents today, I wish England was in Kansas. Or that my parents and house and everything was here. I am such a homebody. I love it here so much, but I miss the comfort of home. I miss having food readily available, I miss my cats and my bed, I miss my parents, I miss going places I am familiar with, I miss seeing people I've known for years, I really do miss home. But then I just love it here. I love the trees. God they are gorgeous. They are so tall and big and their shade covers so much ground! They are so different from the hardly 20 year old Kansas trees. I love love love Christ Church Meadow. It really is fabulous. AND it is right across the street from my house, so very convenient!!! I hate the cobblestones here. They make me trip all the time because I stub my toes or just fall over. I like how the temperature is fairly steady. None of the crazy bipolar temperatures in Missouri. Thank goodness. I just wear a jacket all day! I love Strongbow here. Strongbow is so delicious. I love the old buildings. They are so full of history and you can tell that they have been well-used for years. Unlike buildings in Kansas that are all from the 20th century or younger.

I decided that the British should get those moving sidewalks that they have in airports so you could go from point A to point B quicker. However, there is a small hiccup to this plan: the British cannot stick to one side of the pavement!! So therefore it would make walking on moving sidewalks very dangerous. People would be ducking and weaving but the quickness of the motor would cause many collisions I feel. The British really need to work on this.

Also, I hate to admit this, but I miss 24-hour Walmarts! Ugh. The stores close so early and it is just terrible. You never can get what you want or need on a sunday so forget about it.

I had my first encounter with socialized medicine last week. I found out my GP used to live in my house!! Weird, right? But she was very nice and took my blood to check if I have Glandular Fever. But I didn't get a good diagnosis. Oh well. I had my second encounter with socialized medicine on Friday night when a British creeper who randomly got with the group and is one of those people that no one really is friends with got super drunk and fell against a wall and fell unconscious. So my British friends rang a ambulance and he got taken off. That was quite interesting.

I wrote my second and third papers last week and that was a lot of fun.... not. Well I do know a lot more about Mark (sort of) and King Henry VII. So that was nice. My professor really liked my King Henry VII paper so that is pretty great. He was very complimentary, which is quite different from the Jewell professors who always find something wrong with my papers. It is a nice change.

I'm sure I will write more later. I've put up some more pictures so you can go to this link. Crist Church Meadow
Here are two pictures from the album! xx (Ask me later about that; it's just for you, Emma!)

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