Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Days of Adventure and Nights of Revelry!

So this is officially my third week here in Oxford and I truly am loving it. I have found the British to be a very odd group of people. The guys are very introverted, even at night clubs, until about 2am when they have had enough liquid courage to manage to walk up to a girl. Also at clubs they often just stand around talking on the dance floor rather than dancing. I find it quite odd. They open shops rather late in the morning and almost all stores are closed by 5:00pm. McDonalds sucks here because they change their menu so you can't buy from the value menu at 3am. Additionally, they have no sense of lanes. By this I mean that when americans are walking on the sidewalk, usually they go right while people going the opposite direction go left. The British have no understanding of this concept. They just tend to bob and weave, causing you to nearly crash into them. It is quite ridiculous. This reminds me of another oddity of the British or maybe just people not from the Midwest. When you enter a shop here in England you are never greeted by the salespeople or asked if you need any help. I find this so weird and almost rude because I am so used to having salespeople hover over me the second I step in a store. Silly, silly Britons.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for we are going to Stratford-Upon-Avon and seeing The Winter's Tale at a theatre there in Stratford. It should be quite enjoyable. However, we are leaving at 8:45 so it is rather early. I'll upload the pictures from the excursion when I next get the chance.

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