Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liverpool, Dublin, and Oxford

Well, I thought it was about time that I wrote again. I know I have neglected this yet again. But I suppose everyone has survived.

I am only going to give a brief overview of what happened for the week before Hilary Term started: I went with Claire and her sister, Cate, to London and watched the fireworks exploding off of the London Eye while freezing our butts off on Westminster Bridge. Seriously, it was so cold that my feet went completely numb and I think if you had stepped on them they would have just shattered. From there we went on to Liverpool where we did the Beatles tour and had a jolly ol' time. Unfortunately, we overslept and missed our flight to Dublin. That was a huge bummer. We managed to get to Dublin by way of ferry, which was pretty awesome. Dublin was great, but cold. We went to the Guinness Factory, a neighboring town, the Jameson Factory, on a tour of the city, and generally walked around everywhere. It was lots of fun. Unfortunately, our ferry was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day due to the heavy snows across Britain. Somehow we did manage to get back.

The term is going great so far. My housemates are really fabulous. Anna is very much like me and she is OCD about the house being clean, which is so lovely. Also, on Tuesdays we watch the Bachelor together, which is super fun. Deirdre is super cute and sweet but my goal is to get her to come out of her room more often. Charles is a soccer player and super sweet. He made us one large cookie once (along with cookie dough!) and always is very pleasant. Carl is a good guy who reminds me of my father. He always greets me with "Hey Annie! How ya doin'?" For that he gets teased a lot. He's finally learned to tell me "shut up" so that is pretty great! :) Kyle is still here and is still Kyle. We always have interesting times together.

I've met one of the greatest guys here too. His name is Josh and he and I are already attached at the hip. He's super sweet, funny, enthusiastic, encouraging, and smart. Too bad he isn't my type! Haha. But yes he is really great. Love him to death already, which is really nice. Everyone else here is very fun as well. We all have a good time together, but this group seems much more low key than the last one. That's nice though in its own way.

The tutorials I am taking this term are WWI with Dr. Lesley Brads, which meets every week. She is really nice and quiet, although she is a much more serious tutor. I am also taking the Crusades with Dr. John Jackson so that is fun to have him again. However, we only meet biweekly. Sad day. I am also working on my proposal for a summer research grant. Here is a basic overview of it: "In my essay I mean to discuss the old line of historical thought on the widespread corruption in the Catholic Church and the new argument proposed by Eamon Duffy that this corruption was really not that widespread at all. I will discuss the merits of each argument and come to a conclusion about anti-Catholicism and its true nature in the Tudor reigns." Hopefully I get it!!

Anyways that is my overview of the term and pre-term so far! I shall write in a new post about my thoughts recently.

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